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Gis Officer, Jordan


• Preparation, conception and production of maps, including the supervision and monitoring of mapping-related data collection and ensuring dynamic linkages between GIS data and ACTED Database;

• Co-developing GIS components in proposals and supervising the implementation of these GIS components in approved projects; • Train the AMEU team on usage of maps and GPS;

• Represent ACTED in GIS related coordination meetings.Preparation, conception and production of maps • Identify map information needs; • Identify and access map information sources;

• Work closely with the Database Manager to ensure an accurate link between the GIS and the Database data, cross check data collected in the field and to develop dynamic links between Database and GIS data and to ensure regular updates and solve eventual discrepancies;

• Ensures that the produced maps meet the requirements of concerned ACTED departments.C. Supervision and monitoring of mapping related data

• Conceptualize methodologies for collecting GPS and other GIS related data, as according to need;

• Organize and supervise GIS field missions;

• Managing and supervising the GIS assistant and the staff on the GIS; • Monitor accuracy of data collected.

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